The Tigga Tower Cat tower section has something for every feline home. From the 'TIB' Cat Scratching Tower in a Box launched October 2019 right up to a bespoke tower that can sleep 12 or more cats. Here you will find a selection on our more popular models, for a more bespoke design please visit the Build Your Own Section All towers carry an 18 month guarantee on the construction, subject to the usual Terms & conditions.

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High quality cat trees from Tigga with love

A selection of popular Cat Towers are listed here to help you decide on the best model for your home. From the simple Tiny Tigga Range to our largest towers like the Heli Pad Cat Tower there are ideas to suit all homes and styles. The Build Your Own Section is perfect if you want to make some minor adjustments,creating your own bespoke version. The Tower Parts section allows customers to expand existing towers. And do not forget you can visit the Tower Bedding page to order a spare set of bedding for your Cat Scratching Tower.

All luxury cat towers and trees by Tigga are modular. They have extra-large sisal poles allowing cats the chance to stretch and exercise as if they were climbing a tree outside. All products are cozy, natural and washable, wipe able and replaceable. All cat climbing trees can be extended and parts replaced giving your cat the chance to experience variety and changes within one single scratching post. This means that cat activity centers can be designed specifically for a breed or age of cat and even older cats or a less mobile kitten can have the cat tree of their dreams.


The scratching post with the most aesthetic appeal to your cat is often a tree stump, though this is a bit unwieldy in a one-bedroom apartment. Whatever post you choose, it must be tall enough for a cat to fully extend its body, and most important, it must be secure. If it falls over even once, a cat may not go back to it.

Sisal scratching posts are ideal for releasing a cat’s primal urges. This is a natural material your cat can shred to pieces with great satisfaction. Sisal rope has a perfect texture and grain for a cat to shred or try to, and that is what your cat wants to do. Studies have shown most cats prefer to mark their territory with vertical shredding marks, sisal posts are ideal for this behavior.

A good post should be tall enough for your Kitty to fully stretch her body, usually at least 70cm (28 inches) tall, and should be very stable. An excellent example of an exceptional scratching post is of course a Tigga Cat Scratching Post. With the correct height and natural tough sisal rope. Your cat will feel quite at home and can climb easily like a tree trunk on large models

Get inspired by building unique cat tree for your kitten

Building your own luxury cat tree furniture is simple as long as you stick to a few rules. Choose your base. Select how many poles you want and heights. Make sure they vary to give a cat ‘tree’ like feel. We always suggest at least one pole of a 75cm height on a tower so when your cat stretches they can do so fully.

Every perfect feline tree needs at least one bed and we suggest 1 or 2 beds per cat to give variety. Whilst some will share others prefer their own space. We always suggest with active kittens to have one taller aspect giving cats the chance to race up and down the scratching posts.