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Cat Climbing Towers

The Cat Climbing frames featured here are perfect cat towers to keep cats busy, especially if a cat is primarily an indoor one. Using a combination of poles and beds at different levels these towers provide sleep or should we say cat nap and play areas. The choice of using wicker or oak is up to you. There are literally hundreds of variations in the range so if you see something but would like to make a change we suggest checking out the Build Your Own section to look at it visually. These climbing frames provide good solid scratching posts to not only give cats a full stretch but also to allow them to climb like they would a tree. Safer of course as there are regular platforms to come down on. The cat hammocks provide a really different feel and will be especially popular with younger cats and kittens.

How to find the best place for cat climbing frame

Since you bought a beautiful climbing tower for your cat, you are going to need to find a good place which will be perfect for you and your feline friend. Here are some tips that you can use for finding the perfect location to place a brand new cat climbing frame in the house:

1. A very good idea is to put a tower where your cat usually sleeps. Why? Because cats like to scratch when they awaken, especially in the morning and the middle of the night. If space permits, a scratching post in every room of the house is a cat's delight. This may of course not be practical. The most important place is the area of the house in which you and your kitten or cat spend the most time.

2. Also keep in mind that an important part of scratching is the cat's desire to mark a territory, so a climbing tower should be in an area that's used by the family, not hidden in a back corner. After a time you can move the tower away to the periphery of the room, but you'll need to do this gradually. Initially, put the post where your cat goes to scratch. This may be by a sofa, a chair or wherever your feline friend has chosen as her territory, and you may need more than one post to cover their favorite spots. Security is a major factor in making the post appealing to your cat. If it topples or shakes, they won't use it. It should have a base wide enough and heavy enough to keep it stable.

3. Encourage your cat to use their climbing frame with a favourite treat. Playing by the cat post or perhaps a spray of catnip may also help and if you have a sleeping area like a Tigga Tower basket wash it to make it smell of “home”. Make all the associations with the post pleasurable. Reward your cat with a favourite treat when they use it. A toy around the post or attached will result in your cat digging their claws into it. However never leave rope like toys when not supervised – Just in case they get it caught.