Cat Towers / Cat play tower

Why do cats need a cat play tree with scratching post?

Marking their territory. Scratching is a territorial instinct by which cats place their mark and establish their turf. Through scratching, cats mark their domains with more than just visible signs of claw marks. Cat's paws also have scent glands that leave their own special scent on their territory. That’s why it is important to have a really nice cat activity centre with a plenty of scratching posts at the house.

Exercise. Cat play tree with posts for scratching also serves to keep your feline in shape. The act of scratching stretches, pulls and works the muscles of a cat's front quarters — across between a feline gym workout and Kitty Yoga.

Sheer pleasure. Hey! It feels good to climb, play, jump and scratch, - So give up the idea of reforming a Cats desire to scratch. Re-channel them into scratching where you want them to.