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Large cat scratching posts

The Large Cat Scratching Posts as featured here are exactly that. Using our big wicker basket beds and taller designs these cat trees are perfect for larger cats or a multi-cat household. The towers are always counter balanced as they go up in height allowing perfect stability when climbing.

We do suggest when looking at the larger trees that if your cat is particularly heavy that you make sure they can also get down safely. Extensions and adaptations are easily available as well. All these robust giant cat trees are designed to cope with the largest cat breed, because they are really tall, strong and built to last.

The Tigga Towers team is always happy to talk over the best option for you and we also suggest you test the 'Build Your Own' tower section to get an idea of what else is possible. The bases of all our cat towers are either solid oak or granite. For more information, please contact the team or check out our builder page. See how easy it is to have the ultimate cat tower in your home.

Placing giant cat tree for large cats at home

Thinking of where to place the new giant cat tree? Keep in mind that the main point of scratching for any cat is marking the territory and in this case home – is their territory. So place the new large scratching post in the most visible part of the home, where everybody could recognize who owns the spot. Once the cat gets used to it, you can move the post wherever you like, but do it gradually. Also, you can place a tree near the sofa, chair or whatever the kitty decides to own.

If the post has a sleeping area, you can wash it, so the cat will treat it like a part of the “home”. Keep in mind that cats like to stretch after their sleep. Try to put a post near their sleeping place encouraging them for some morning exercises.