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Luxury cat tree collection from Tigga Towers

The luxury cat tower range is a high-end selection of cat trees designed in UK to showcase in your home. Each tower is individual with multiple areas for a cat or cats to sleep, play or exercise. Choose from the strong wicker or a solid oak range. Each model is bespoke to how your cats like to play or sleep and also to your home décor. The beauty of the system is you can change one or more of these designs at any time. Extensions and adaptations are easily available as well.

The Tigga Towers team is always happy to talk over the best option for you and we also suggest you test the 'Build Your Own' tower section on our website to get an idea of what is possible. The bases on the towers are either solid oak or granite. We do not use other materials for the bases. For more information, please contact the team or check out our builder page. See how easy it is to have the ultimate cat tower in your home.

Cat and tower - first introduction

Since your cat brings you so much love and joy, you decide to buy her the softest, prettiest and most luxurious scratching tree you can find. You take it home and your feline friend gives you a blank stare and walks away. This activates your parental guidance mechanism and you decide to show her how to use the post by taking her front paws and making scratching motions at the post. She of course struggles till she gets free of you and then treats you with utter disdain for the rest of the day.

Remember, never make the mistake of trying to "show a cat how" to scratch anything. You'll only offend them. Cats know perfectly well how to do it! They just reserve the right to scratch when and where it suits them.