Cat Towers / Small towers


The small cat tower section features two aspects of the Tigga Tower Cat Tower range. The Tiny Tigga range is a specialized mini range using a smaller granite base with single hole. This means the towers in this range should not be extended beyond a 0.75m pole height. You are however completely flexible with what bed style you would like to add.

We have featured two options so far. The option to also have a single scratching post on a small base with matching granite cap gives a simple but luxurious look should you not require a bed. These towers suit many different uses from baby kittens to older cats who are unable to jump. If your room is not large and you just want something to fit into a corner but still provide a bed a well as a scratching post then these are your towers. The Hooper Tigga and Tigga Pole are similar options but these are on our standard 2 pole bases – either solid oak or granite.

These are lower towers and safe for new kittens and older cats as well. However, as your cat or perhaps cat family grows then these towers can grow and change with you. So you have two options at two budget levels but the same superior quality whatever you may decide on. Choose the best small cat tree for your kittens: simple safe and designed with natural materials.