The Cat Nip Kicker toy range made its debut in late 2009. The mission to provide larger cat toys that encouraged feline friends to play 'hunt' and utilise their natural instincts as if they were bringing home their prey. 

The range consists of various styles, There is something for every feline friend to either drown in their water bowl, play fetch, bunny kick or simply to lay their weary head on for a quick Cat Nap! 

2017 saw the introduction of embroidered faces adding character and of course the award winning velcro now features in our hanging range first seen in our Cat Nip Monkey and Cat!

2018 sees the launch of Jingle Jerry, our very first catnip toy with bell. 

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Organic and Natural Luxury Cat Toys by Tigga Towers

The catnip kickers and crinkle cat toy range is unique with new specialist cat designs every year. Using natural organic catnip (only the catnip flower and buds) for impact. We guarantee these toys will give your cats and kittens hours or fun and activity and once a little worn out you can even wash their favourite toy. Of course this does mean the catnip will wear away a little faster. But a quick spray of catnip will revive many a toy and keep your cat busy again.

How to choose the right cat toy or catnip toy for your cat

The Tigga Towers toy range is made using our non-looped fabric. Choose from our catnip cat kickers filled with 100% organic long lasting catnip or our crinkle range which not only has the crinkle sound but also a dose on long lasting catnip too.

There is something for every cat from our catnip snake for cats that like to carry their toys to our catnip bear for those who like a nice big toy to give a real kick to and then of course pay their head on the rest a while. The toys will keep your happy cat busy for hours. It’s the perfect present for a new kitten or youngster to keep them occupied and develop those natural hunting skills. Choose the best catnip kicker and crinkle from “Luxury Cat Toys Collection” – make you lovely kitten happy today!

From Tigga with love!