Clam Shell Wicker Cat Basket

Clam Shell Wicker Cat Basket

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The Clam Shell Wicker Cat Basket was introduced in 2014. It is now one of Tigga Towers top selling baskets, often upgraded with the Round Doughnut Cat Bed for additional comfort. The base is 30 cm and made with a ply wood base. The shell top is over 50 cm in diameter and provides the perfect bed for all breeds of cat. The basket is made using willow that is allowed to grow until it reaches its thickest size. This makes our wicker cat basket range some of the best on the market!

  • 30 cm base & 50 cm diameter at the top
  • Ply-wood base for secure fixing to pole. 
  • Round doughnut cat bed is included in price. 
  • Bolt included in price. 

Please note the wicker may vary in colour as we use natural products!

If your are looking for something bigger why not try the Square Wicker Cat Basket-50 cm. Choose an additional perfect cat cushion for this wicker cat condo from luxury cat beds collection.

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