Heli Pad Tigga

Heli Pad Tigga

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Our Heli Pad Tigga is a perfect tall cat scratching post for 5 - 7 cats, with everything you could wish for. Lots of scratching areas and a lovely wicker bowl basket bed, for cats that love to play.


The Heli Pad Climbing frame comes with the following:

  •    2 x 0.5 m cat scratching posts
  •    1 x 0.75 m cat scratching post
  •    1 x 1.0 m cat scratching post
  •    2 x round tapered baskets with pillow cat beds
  •    2 x Clam Shell baskets with pillow cat beds
  •    1 x open igloo basket with pillow cat bed
  •    1 x cat tower granite base 55 cm x 55 cm or cat tower oak base 60 cm x 60 cm
  •    1 x joiner stabiliser to link back pole for stability
  •    1 x new double arm system


Please note the wicker and sisal rope may vary in colour as we use natural products!

If you are looking for something shorter, why not look at the small wicker cat tower "Tiny Cat Tower" - to see what you can by at first and develop in future!

If you didn't find what you are looking for, please check your "Luxury Cat Tower Collection"

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