Cat Bed Box

Cat Bed Box

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The new Cat Bed Box design has just become even better. With three outside removable plastic rods, the bed stays upright or will bounce back when cats try to climb on top and collapse it! The super-soft filling used in our range replaces the original foam design. With the rods removed it will collapse down and wash easier than ever before. See our video below on how to insert the rods.


Available in limited colours this season, we are sure this will be on every cat’s wish list.


Size - Approx 40cm (w) x 45cm (d) x 35cm (h)


  • New ultra-soft box-shaped bed
  • Great for cats to curl up in
  • Three removable rod system for stability
  • No foam filling, so easy to wash despite being a larger bed
  • Perfect for cats who love boxes


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