SALE Double Tigga Cat Scratching Tower

SALE Double Tigga Cat Scratching Tower

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£479.00 GBP

£299.00 GBP


  • End of Line Model

  • Limited Stock

  • Available on Black Granite Base

  • Black Bedding only 

  • Note - SQUARE baskets


    The Double Tigga Cat Scratching Tower is a simple design that will fit into any multi cat home, with space for two or three cats to curl up and sleep. This perfect cat scratching post with beds was designed by professional breeders, will for sure become a favourite place for your kitten or cat.

    The Double Tigga comes with the following as standard:

    •    1 x 0.35 m cat scratching post
    •    1 x 0.75 m cat scratching post
    •    2 x  SQUARE wicker cat baskets 50 cm with two SQUARE pillow cat beds
    •    1 x  cat tower granite base, 50 cm x 50 cm

    Please note the wicker and sisal rope may vary in colour as we use natural products!


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