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Popular products

Luxury cat furniture, toys & pet beds from tigga with love

Tigga Towers is a small family business based in the United Kingdom (UK).

With over 20 years of experience coming together to develop a brand of luxury cat furniture that every cat would want. From the modular cat scratching tower system, luxurious soft bedding range to the catnip kicker toys there is something special for every pampered pooch and feline. The team has worked hard to develop products that will attract cats and dogs according to their habits and natural instincts.

The Tigga Towers' Team

Latest blog entry

  • Happy Gotach Day!

      Happy Gotcha Day Nothing can beat the excitement of bringing home your puppy to join your family.         On the 31st of May 2019, myself and my...

  • Lock-down & Your Pet!

      We all find ourselves in unprecedented times, we are all feeling the strain of how the lock-down is affecting us how difficult it is not seeing ...

Now it's easier!

Now you can customize Tigga towers in the way which you want!

If you are planning to build your own tower please click the button below or you can also go to the products which have our special label “customize”

customise yourself now!

High Quality Luxury Cat Furniture and Only Natural Cat Products

Tigga Towers luxury cat towers and scratching posts are simply the best on the market. Using natural products and finishes that allow cats to feel at home whether they are playing or sleeping on their tower. Sold Oak or Polished Granite are complimented with extra thick natural sisal roped poles. Finished with 100% natural wicker or wood beds. The choice is yours!

Each bed is furnished with Tigga Towers very own non looped fabric. Using a natural color pallet to blend into any home the beds are safe from even the sharpest cat claws and wash time after time. Tigga Towers aims to produce the best cat products in the UK designed to suit all cats whatever their age.

Designed Just for Your Cat

Tigga Towers products are not only designed for cats but they also take into account cats behavior and safety. The Tigga Towers brand and shopping experience covers all aspects from playing and exercise to sleeping.

Build your own cat tower offers owners the chance to visualize and make your cats dream tower a reality. Starting with a base of your choice right through to the final bed of your choice. The towers are like a piece of cat kneading furniture that you can design with a look in keeping with your home and style. Even the bedding is a natural color palette to compliment all types and styles.