Cat Beds / cushion

Oval Doughnut Cat Bed


Grey Sandstone

£39.00 £29.25

Rectangle Pillow Cat Bed


Grey Grey Sandstone Sandstone

£29.00 £19.50

Cat pillow beds

All the cat pillow range consists of simple padded pillows in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. This includes two tone colours which provide a reversible cat pillow depending on your mood or colour scheme. All the Tigga Tower Cat Pillows are super soft, cozy and machine washable. Beds are internally stitched so when washed they hold their shape and retain the look of new wash after wash. The Medium Cat Pillow fits perfectly on a chair or in cat boxes to provide a soft base layer. The Large rectangle and Extra Large rectangle are great simple beds priced under £25 and have a variety of uses. From a pad in a cat or dog carrier to a floor pad or shelf pad.

Cat cushions

The deep cushion is exactly what it says. A large square deep padded cat bed - some say its like a sofa cushion for cats. Filled to give the extra softness and provide the perfect base for cats who like to knead away to show their pleasure. The deep cushions are also available in two sizes for multi cat households, larger breeds and maybe even the odd canine friend. In fact if you take a look at the testimonial page you might even spot the odd dog sharing his deep cushion with his feline friend. Complementing this range is the unique Cat Memory foam pillow (from April 2016 - available in two sizes). This bed is a first on the UK market as currently the memory foam market is very much aimed at dogs and their needs.

Using the specialist fabric by Tigga Towers we have created a soft cushioning with memory foam pieces - sealed in a waterproof lining for any little accidents. This bed is perfect for many different cats. However, as the memory foam pieces react to an animal’s warmth it provides a flex and cushioning that older or sick cats really love. This design will be moving forward with new sizes as well so please read new product reviews for news.