About Tigga Towers

Why Tigga Towers?

We are a family business with over 20 years of experience based in the United Kingdom.

Tigga Towers is the perfect online store for all kittens, cats and their owners. Suppliers of the highest quality natural cat products from a simple catnip toy right up to the luxury “build your own” cat tower section.

“www.tiggatowers.com is the official website for the “Tigga Towers” brand and is fast becoming one of the most popular highly specialized online cat stores in the UK. Unlike many pet websites who offer a variety of pet products from fish to large dogs. The “Tigga Towers” website specializes in products for cats.



 Tigga collections  

Tigga Towers cat scratching towers are currently the only modular system on the market in the UK. Using natural wicker beds and large scratching posts each cat tower can be expanded and changed around. The extra large scratching posts provide the perfect activity centre for cats allowing them to climb as though they are outdoors. Of course they have the added addition of lovely soft cat beds to take a cat nap on.

The super soft cozy cat bed range offers one of the largest ranges of cat beds from a UK company. From the simple cat pillows to a luxury cat bed box there is something for every feline friend.  The new Cat Cave bed will provide the perfect hideaway and our top selling   doughnuts and exclusive range of double doughnuts are guaranteed to keep even the fussiest cat happy.

The kitten and cat kicker toys are larger than your usual toys. Made in our super soft fabric these cat toys simulate a cat playing and hunting using their natural instincts. The organic cat nip and crinkle in the crinkle range adds noise when the cat is play hunting. The cat toy range is fast becoming a popular essential for every cat.



Buying the right cat furniture online

When looking for the perfect kitten or cat idea on the Tigga Towers website we suggest customers take into account the type of cat you have. From how old to where and how they like to sleep, play or relax. Each aspect of the Tigga Towers range covers all our felines favorite pass times. For instance with the cat towers – Is your cat agile and likes to be up high or do they have a preference to hiding when they climb? The Cat bed range – Does your cat like to stretch out or curl?

These are some of the questions the team will ask so if you’re still unsure on the best product please do not hesitate to contact the team who will be only too happy to help you get the perfect gift for your lovely feline friend.

Welcome to “www.tiggatowers.com” - official website for all kittens, cats and their owners!